Attention all tattoo lovers and joke enthusiasts! Are you ready for a good laugh? Look no further, because we’ve got the best puns about tattoos that will have you rolling on the floor with humor. From clever play on words to positive and witty one-liners, our list of tattoo jokes is perfect for kids and adults alike. So get ready to ink-spire some laughter with our hilarious collection. Trust us, this post is going to be tatt-tastic!

Tattoo”ude to Laughter: Puns & Jokes – Top Picks

  1. Why did the tattoo artist quit his job? He felt like he was needled too much.
  2. My friend got a tattoo of a clock on his back, but it’s always running an hour late. I guess he just can’t get the time right.
  3. I asked the tattoo artist to draw something that would make me look like an intellectual. So, she drew on a pair of glasses.
  4. Did you hear about the tattoo parlor that opened on the moon? It has a really small clientele.
  5. A friend of mine got a tattoo of a pirate ship after spending a lot of time at sea. It was his way of saying “Yarrr welcome!”
  6. I’ll never regret getting this tattoo of a yin yang symbol. It’s always balanced.
  7. My mom always told me to never get a tattoo. But now that I’m an adult, I have inkling thoughts about it.
  8. How does a tattoo artist start the day? With some fresh ink and a cup of tea.
  9. I got a tattoo of a bee on my arm. It’s a permanent reminder to bee yourself.
  10. Did you hear about the guy who got a tattoo of a dollar sign on his face? He wanted to make sure people knew he was money.
  11. If Carlsberg did tattoos, they’d probably be the best tattoos in the world.
  12. I was going to get a tattoo of a heart on my chest, but then I thought, “eh, I’ll pass.”
  13. My dad got a tattoo of a chicken on his arm. I have no clucking idea why.
  14. I got a tattoo of a cartoon character on my leg. Now I have an animated knee.
  15. Did you hear about the tattoo convention in town? It’s going to be pretty “inking awesome.”
  16. I’m thinking about getting a tattoo on my right hand. That way, I’ll always have a “right-hand man.”
  17. Why did the woman get a tattoo of Albert Einstein? She wanted to show off her brilliant mind.
  18. My friend gets a new tattoo every time she goes on vacation. She’s quite an anchor traveler.
  19. I got a tattoo of a lizard on my foot. Now I have a “tattoo-tally crazy” pet.
  20. Why did the baker get a tattoo of bread on his arm? He wanted to show off his “dough-righteous” skills.
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Get inked and have a laugh with these hilarious Tattoo one-liner jokes

  1. Why did the tattoo artist go broke? He couldn’t make ends meet.
  2. My friend got a tattoo of a chicken and an egg, but it still doesn’t answer the question.
  3. A tattoo is a permanent way to show off your temporary interests.
  4. I asked my tattoo artist to cover up my ex’s name with something beautiful. Now I have a portrait of bacon.
  5. I wanted to get a tattoo of my favorite sea creature, but I ended up chickening out.
  6. They say tattoos are addictive, but I think they’re just needling you.
  7. I was going to get a spine tattoo, but I didn’t have the backbone for it.
  8. I asked my tattoo artist to give me a sleeve, but all I got was a shirt.
  9. Why did the tattoo artist get into an argument? It was a skin-deep disagreement.
  10. I know someone with a smiley face tattooed on their knee. It’s a real kneetastic idea.
  11. A tattoo is like a litmus test for pain tolerance.
  12. They say tattoos are regrettable, but I still haven’t met anyone who regrets their happy little cloud.
  13. A tattoo of a tree would be a great way to branch out.
  14. Why did the tattoo artist become a chef? He wanted to specialize in skin-dining.
  15. I asked my tattoo artist for something unique, but all he gave me was a barcode.
  16. Tattoos are like potato chips – you can’t stop at just one.
  17. A tattoo artist is like a magician, except they make things appear and stay.
  18. Why did the Viking get a barcode tattooed on his face? So he could “scan-dinavia.”
  19. Two tattoos walked into a bar. The bartender said, “Sorry, we don’t serve your kind here.”
  20. I was going to get a tattoo of a clock, but it would be too time-consuming.

Laughing at Life’s Ink-credible Lessons: Funny Proverbs & Wise Sayings about Tattoo

  1. “A tattoo is worth a thousand words, but a misspelled one is worth a good laugh.”
  2. “Better to have a tattoo and regret it, than to regret not having a tattoo.”
  3. “A tattoo is a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.”
  4. “Tattoos are like marriage – they may hurt at first, but the end result is beautiful.”
  5. “A tattooed body is a canvas for self-expression.”
  6. “A tattoo is a silent way to express yourself loud and clear.”
  7. “A bird in the hand is worth two tattoos on your chest.”
  8. “The only time your mistakes can be removed is when they’re temporary tattoos.”
  9. A tattoo is a work of art that never goes out of style.
  10. A tattoo is like a good wine – it gets better with age.
  11. “When life gets tough, just look at your tattoo and remember you can handle anything.”
  12. “Tattoos don’t have an expiration date, unlike most relationships.”
  13. Ink is thicker than water.
  14. “A tattoo is a commitment you can’t escape, unless you want laser removal.”
  15. “Love may be temporary, but a tattoo is forever.”
  16. “A tattoo is like a secret message, only those who get close enough can read it.”
  17. “A tattoo tells a story without using words.”
  18. “Beauty is skin deep, but tattoos go all the way to the bone.”
  19. “Some people decorate their bodies with tattoos, I just happen to decorate mine with skin.”
  20. “A tattoo is a piece of art you never have to hang on a wall.”

Getting Inked and Witty: QnA Jokes & Puns about Tattoo

  1. Why did the tattoo artist refuse to ink a picture of a horse? Because it was a mare mistake.
  2. What did the tattoo say to the skin? I’m all skin and ink!
  3. What did the tattoo artist say to his client before they started the session? “Let’s ink about this carefully.”
  4. Why did the woman get a flower tattooed on her ankle? Because she wanted to have a bloomin’ good time.
  5. What do you call a bee with a tattoo? Sting Ink!
  6. Why did the woman get a tattoo of a broken pencil? Because she always wants to be on point.
  7. How did the man feel after getting a tattoo of a calculator on his arm? Counting on it being a solid decision.
  8. What did the tattoo artist say to the man who wanted a tattoo of a $100 bill on his forehead? “That’s gonna cost you an arm and a leg.”
  9. Why did the chicken get a tattoo of a rooster on its wing? To show off its coop de grace.
  10. What did the tattooed dog say when asked about its ink? “I’ve got paw-some artwork.”
  11. What did the tattoo artist say to the guy who wanted a tattoo of a chicken on his butt? “You’re really butt-in the farmyard jokes now.”
  12. Why did the woman get a tattoo of a seashell on her neck? She wanted a nice necklace without the tangles.
  13. What did the tattoo artist say to the guy who wanted a tattoo of a plant on his arm? “That’s a little sketchy, but I’ll leaf it up to you.”
  14. Why did the man get a tattoo of the alphabet on his back? So he could spell out his own mistakes.
  15. What did the tattoo artist say to the guy who wanted a ship tattooed on his chest? “I hope you have a sternum constitution for pain.”
  16. Why did the man get a tattoo of a lion on his shoulder? To show off his pride.
  17. What did the tattoo artist say to the woman who wanted a tattoo of a snake on her arm? “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure it’s hiss-terically good.”
  18. Why did the guy get a tattoo of a peanut on his ankle? Because he wanted to have a legume to his legacy.
  19. What did the tattoo artist say when the guy asked for a tattoo of a clock on his back? “I’m afraid you’re out of time.”
  20. Why did the woman get a tattoo of a unicorn on her thigh? To add a little sparkle to her step.

Need a Good Inking? These Dad Jokes & Puns about Tattoo Will Leave You Laughing for Ink-credible Hours!

  1. “Why did the man get a tattoo of a wheel on his foot? So he could say he had a ‘tread-fully’ cool tattoo.”
  2. “I told my wife I was going to get a tattoo of a pencil. She asked why, and I said it was to make my mark.”
  3. “Why did the skeleton get a tattoo? Because he wanted to ‘bone up’ on his style.”
  4. “What did the tattoo artist say to his client who couldn’t decide on a design? ‘Just ink about it for a bit.'”
  5. “Why was the tattoo artist always hungry? Because he worked on ‘sleeves’ all day long.”
  6. “I thought about getting a tattoo of a seashell, but then I realized it would be too ‘shore-el’.”
  7. “Why did the pirate get a skull and crossbones tattoo? Because he wanted to show off his ‘sea cred’.”
  8. “What did the tattoo say to the skin? ‘You complete me.'”
  9. “If you regret a tattoo, you can always cover it up with a larger one. It’s like ‘tattoo-ception’.”
  10. “Why did the frog get a tattoo? Because he wanted to jump on the ‘tattoo band-wagon’.”
  11. “Why did the chicken get a tattoo of a calculator? She wanted to make ‘math-ink’.”
  12. “Did you hear about the magician who got a tattoo of a rabbit popping out of a hat? He wanted to show off his ‘sleight of ink’.”
  13. “I told my friend I was getting a tattoo of a sailboat, and he said, ‘That’s ink-cre-di-boat’.”
  14. “Why are tattoos like potato chips? You can never have just one.”
  15. “I asked the tattoo artist if I could get a tattoo of a cat, and he said, ‘Sure, as long as it’s a ‘purrr-manent’ decision.”
  16. “I got a tattoo of a stopwatch because I wanted to mark the ‘permanent’ moments in my life.”
  17. “Why did the chef get a tattoo of a knife and fork? He wanted to display his ‘culinary-ink-lings’.”
  18. “What do you call a tattooed car? An ‘ink car-nation’.”
  19. “Why did the rancher get a tattoo of a cow? To show off his ‘beefy’ tattoo.”
  20. “I was going to get a tattoo of a solar eclipse, but then I realized it would be ‘e-clipsed’ by other tattoos.”

Twice the Ink, Double the Fun: Embrace the Humorous Side with Tattoo Double Entendres Puns

  1. I’m thinking of getting a tattoo of a watch on my wrist, so I can always watch the time go by.
  2. “I’m getting a tattoo of a banana on my leg – it’s my favorite type of peel.”
  3. “Why did the artist refuse to tattoo my ex’s name on me? Because it was a bad ink-vestment.”
  4. “I got a tattoo of a bee on my back. Now it’s a permanent buzzing sensation.”
  5. “My tattoo artist told me I have the skin of a saint. I think he was trying to butter me up.”
  6. “I’m getting a tattoo of a pie chart on my arm – it’s my way of representing my love for food.”
  7. “I regret getting a tattoo of a sailboat on my chest. It’s just not ship-shape anymore.”
  8. “I’m getting a tattoo of a tree on my ankle. I guess you could say I have some roots there.”
  9. “I’m considering a tattoo of a flower on my shoulder, because I could always use a little bloom.”
  10. “My new tattoo of a balloon animal is blowing me away.”
  11. “I’m getting a tattoo of a puzzle piece on my back. It represents the missing piece in my life – my sense of direction.”
  12. I want to get the word ‘relax’ tattooed on my forehead, so people can literally tell me to calm down.
  13. “I got a tattoo of a pony on my ankle, but it looks more like a ‘one-trick pony.'”
  14. “Why did the artist refuse to tattoo my favorite sports team’s logo on me? Because it was a game changer.”
  15. “I’m getting a tattoo of a feather on my wrist. It’s just a little reminder to be light as a feather and not take things too seriously.”
  16. “I can’t decide on a tattoo design, so I’m just going to go for a ‘surprise tat-too.'”
  17. “I got a tattoo of a penguin on my arm – he’s definitely my best ‘flipper.'”
  18. “My tattoo of a tree branch was a bit of a ‘branch off’ from my original idea.”
  19. “I’m getting a tattoo of a coffee cup on my forearm – I guess you could say I’m a ‘perk-anista.'”
  20. “I went for a tattoo consultation, but I ended up getting a ‘tat-er-tator’ instead.”

Tattoo-ingly Funny: Recursive Puns About Inked Designs

  1. Did you hear about the tattoo artist who got a tattoo of a tattoo gun? Talk about blending work and play!
  2. I asked my friend if he wanted to get matching tattoos, but he said, “No, thanks. I don’t think I can commit to a commitment tattoo.”
  3. My tattoo of a math equation is constantly changing. It’s a variable ink.
  4. Why did the tattoo artist refuse to do a design of a microwave? Because it’s too much of a permanent wave.
  5. I don’t trust people with infinity symbol tattoos. They seem like they’ll go on forever.
  6. A friend of mine got a tattoo of a leaf. I guess you could say it’s all natural ink.
  7. A friend of mine asked for a tattoo of the Nike swoosh, but the artist refused. He said, “Just don’t do it.”
  8. Did you hear about the guy who got a tattoo of a pencil? He wanted to be able to erase his mistakes.
  9. I saw a man with a “Made in China” tattoo and thought, “Wow, that’s some dedication to your manufacturer.”
  10. My tattoo artist always says, “Let me draw on you” before starting a design. I always reply, “I’m already canvas-ing.”
  11. Why did the woman with a tattoo of a flower only go to the sketchy tattoo parlor? She wanted to risk-a-rose.
  12. Did you hear about the artist who refused to do a tattoo of an ocean? He said, “I’m all out of ink waves.”
  13. I told my tattoo artist I wanted an abstract design, but he just drew a blank.
  14. Why did the man with a tattoo of a hammer always win arguments? He could always nail his point across.
  15. I heard the guy with the anime tattoo is getting another one of his favorite character. Talk about a fan’s-ink-tion.
  16. My mother warned me about getting a tattoo, she said, “Remember, two wrongs don’t make a tattoo.”
  17. I asked my tattoo artist for a tattoo of a sea creature, but he said, “There’s no ink squid-ed.”
  18. Wearing a fake temporary tattoo is a faux-tatoo.
  19. Why did the tattoo artist get banned from the gym? He kept trying to ink the dumbbells.
  20. I met a guy with a tribal tattoo that covered his whole back. It was a real back-breaking design.

Tattoo Faux Pas: The Art of Juxtaposition Jokes

  1. I got a tattoo of a pineapple on my arm, just to show how much I rep the vegan lifestyle.
  2. “Nothing says ‘I’m edgy’ like a tattoo of a kitten wearing a tutu.”
  3. “My girlfriend asked me to get matching tattoos, so I got a fork and she got a knife. Now we’re a real pair of silverware.”
  4. “I got a tattoo of a calculator on my hand so people know I’m always down to do some math.”
  5. “I wanted a tattoo that symbolizes my love for coffee, but then I remembered caffeine is a drug.”
  6. “I got a tattoo of my social security number so I never forget it.”
  7. “My parents always told me not to get tattoos, so I got one of a disappointed face on my chest.”
  8. “A tattoo of a minimalist wave. It’s subtle, but it really speaks to the complexity of my personality.”
  9. “I got a tattoo of a ruler on my arm, just in case anyone needs to measure anything after a few drinks.”
  10. “I got a tattoo of my ex’s name. But don’t worry, I added a question mark so it’s just a friendly reminder.”
  11. “I got a tattoo of a carrot on my leg, because I like to keep my body on its toes.”
  12. “A tattoo of a Snapchat filter. Now my face will always be puppy dog cute.”
  13. “I got matching tattoos with my best friend. Hers says ‘ride or die’ and mine says ‘bike or walk’.”
  14. “My tattoo artist asked what I wanted inside the heart outline, and I said ‘a pizza slice’. It truly is love at first bite.”
  15. “I’m really into fitness, so I got a tattoo of a squiggly line. It represents how my body feels after a workout.”
  16. “My tattoo says ‘no ragrets’. Yeah, I know, I spelled it wrong on purpose.”
  17. “I got a tattoo of a hashtag. Because let’s be real, everything looks better with a filter.”
  18. “I got a tattoo of a compass, but I still get lost in my own thoughts.”
  19. “A tattoo of a bar code. It represents the value of my existence.”
  20. I asked for a tattoo of a bird carrying a worm, but they accidentally drew a croissant. It’s still pretty fly though.”

Tattoo You: Hilarious Malapropisms in the World of Ink

  1. Ink-zilla (instead of Godzilla)
  2. Needlesaurus (instead of Stegosaurus)
  3. Punctuations (instead of Pterodactyls)
  4. Prick-achu (instead of Pikachu)
  5. Tatt-Rekt (instead of T-Rex)
  6. Tat-tourage (instead of Entourage)
  7. Tat-too-tle (instead of Turtle)
  8. Tatt-Osaurus (instead of Velociraptor)
  9. Ink-greenious (instead of Ingenious)
  10. Tatt-nado (instead of Sharknado)
  11. Needlemouth (instead of Big Mouth)
  12. Piercing-yonce (instead of Beyoncé)
  13. Inker-man (instead of Spiderman)
  14. Tat-titude (instead of Attitude)
  15. Art-illery (instead of Artillery)
  16. Needle-icious (instead of Delicious)
  17. Tat-too-fied (instead of Terrified)
  18. Sabre-ink (instead of Sabretooth)
  19. Mark-my-word (instead of Mark my words)
  20. Tat-ty McTat-face (instead of Boaty McBoatface)

Tattoo Tom Swifties: Inking Up Wit and Humor!

  1. “I’ll never regret this ‘ink’ed decision,” said Tom tattily.
  2. “This rose design truly ‘stings’,” Tom needled.
  3. “I’m getting a back piece of a ship,” Tom said sternly.
  4. “This ink is permanent, it’ll never ‘fade’,” Tom needled.
  5. “I’m going for a full sleeve, it’ll be ‘heavily armed’,” Tom needled.
  6. “Getting a tattoo on my foot? That’s a ‘tough sole’,” Tom pointed out.
  7. “My ribcage tattoo is ‘ri-belly-cious’,” Tom laughed.
  8. “‘Needle’ss to say, this is gonna hurt,” Tom groaned.
  9. “I’m getting a matching tattoo with my best friend? We’ll be ‘in-sync’,” Tom joked.
  10. “These ink stains on my clothes? Just a ‘tattoo of my day’,” Tom shrugged.
  11. “Will I regret this tattoo in the future? ‘Not’ a chance,” Tom quipped.
  12. “My tattoo artist’s technique? She’s a real ‘master-piece’,” Tom boasted.
  13. “I’m getting a dragon tattoo? It’ll definitely ‘fLy by’,” Tom smirked.
  14. “The pain will be worth it, truthfully ‘eternal’,” Tom said with conviction.
  15. “I’m getting a matching tattoo with my mom? It’ll be a real ‘parent trap’,” Tom chuckled.
  16. “This eagle tattoo really ‘soars’,” Tom admired.
  17. “I’m getting a heart tattoo on my wrist? It’ll be a real ‘pulse poser’,” Tom winked.
  18. “I’ve always wanted a tattoo on my neck? ‘Lucky’ me,” Tom laughed nervously.
  19. “This intricate mandala design? It’s ‘circle-standing’,” Tom joked.
  20. “I’m getting a tattoo of my favorite animal? It’ll be a real ‘beast-ly’ piece,” Tom grinned.

Twisted Tongue Art: Hilarious Spoonerisms about Tattoos

  1. “Pattoo” instead of “Tattoo Party”
  2. “Splattoo” instead of “Tattoo Parlor”
  3. “Tattongo” instead of “Tattoo Artist”
  4. “Taboot” instead of “Boot Tattoo”
  5. “Tooffee” instead of “Foot Tattoo”
  6. “Tatoofinger” instead of “Finger Tattoo”
  7. “Bootheel” instead of “Tattoo Sleeve”
  8. “Fatty Boil” instead of “Body Art”
  9. “Tabrewed” instead of “Tattooed”
  10. “Biddytube” instead of “Tattoo Studio”
  11. “Sooky Tum” instead of “Tattoo Gun”
  12. “Tubetoo” instead of “Tattoo Tube”
  13. “Bopping Sticker” instead of “Temporary Tattoo”
  14. “Tinkle Digger” instead of “Needle Digger”
  15. “Totblaster” instead of “Tattoo Gun”
  16. “Lickabooboo” instead of “Tattoo Aftercare”
  17. “Twinkitooth” instead of “Tattoo Kit”
  18. “Booderoot” instead of “Tattoo Artist’s Booth”
  19. “Willy Flip” instead of “Lily Whip” (a type of tattoo needle)
  20. “Sobble Fkin” instead of “Bobble Fin” (a type of tattoo grip)

K(no)ck K(no)ck! Who’s there? Tattoo-ful punchlines!

  1. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Ink. Ink who? Inked up and ready for a laugh!
  2. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Art. Art who? Art you ready for some inkspiration?
  3. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Needle. Needle who? Needle in a haystack, but I found my perfect tattoo!
  4. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Pain. Pain who? Pain is temporary, but tattoos are forever.
  5. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Permanent. Permanent who? Permanent reminder to never get a tattoo when drunk.
  6. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Skin. Skin who? Skin-deep humor about tattoos.
  7. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Color. Color who? Color me surprised, this joke is actually funny.
  8. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Design. Design who? Design your own tattoo with these jokes as inspiration.
  9. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Mistake. Mistake who? Poor guy who got a misspelled tattoo.
  10. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Regret. Regret who? Anyone with a face tattoo.
  11. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Artist. Artist who? Artistically funny jokes about tattoos.
  12. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Bold. Bold who? Bold move getting a face tattoo.
  13. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Cover-up. Cover-up who? Cover-up mistakes with even more tattoos.
  14. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Painful. Painful who? Painful yet oddly satisfying tattoo experience.
  15. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Why. Why who? Why the heck did I think this tattoo was a good idea?
  16. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Inspiration. Inspiration who? Inspiration for my next tattoo joke.
  17. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Skin art. Skin art who? Skin art jokes are the best kind.
  18. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Sharpie. Sharpie who? Not as permanent as a tattoo, but at least I can erase it.
  19. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Canvas. Canvas who? My body is my canvas and tattoos are my masterpiece.
  20. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Addiction. Addiction who? Addiction to getting tattoos and making jokes about them.

Ink-credible Laughs: Wrapping Up Tattoo Puns!

Thank you for inking your time to read through these 220+ hilarious jokes about tattoos. We hope they made you ink and maybe even gave you some inspiration for your next piece of body art. If you enjoyed these puns and jokes, be sure to check out our other posts for more laughs and entertainment. Just remember, when it comes to tattoos, always think before you ink!

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