Are you ready to add a touch of humor and brilliance to your day? Look no further, because we’ve got the best puns and jokes about Paris that are guaranteed to make you laugh till your baguette falls out! From the Eiffel tower to croissants, we have a clever list of puns that will tickle your funny bone and leave you feeling positively amused. These jokes are perfect for kids and kids at heart, so without further ado, let’s take a trip to the City of Love and Paris-scope out some hilarious humor!

City of Laughs: Our Handpicked Paris Puns & Jokes!

  1. “Why did the French elephant go to Paris? Because he wanted to see the Eiffel Trunk!”
  2. “Did you hear about the Parisian baker who went on strike? He was loafing around!”
  3. “What’s the favorite meal of Parisian ghosts? French toasts!”
  4. “Why did the French artist refuse to sell his painting of the Arc de Triomphe? He said it was his objet d’art!”
  5. “What do you call a French chef who loves to sing and dance? A souffle diva!”
  6. “What did the French detective say when he finally solved the case in Paris? Affair accompli!”
  7. “Why did the snail go to Paris? To learn how to escargot around the city!”
  8. “What do you call a group of fashion-forward French cows? Moo-sseuses!”
  9. “Why was the Parisian chicken always tired? Because she spent all day coq au vin-ing!”
  10. “What did the Eiffel Tower say when it saw the Notre Dame Cathedral for the first time? ‘Mon dieu!'”
  11. “Why do they serve croissants in Parisian prisons? Because they’re tough on crime and flaky on punishment!”
  12. “What do you call a Frenchman wearing sandals to the beach? A croissant-sandal wearing croissant!”
  13. “Why did the Parisian go to church? To say a baguette for his sins!”
  14. “What’s the favorite game of Parisian cats? Meowscow!”
  15. “Why did the French couple book their honeymoon in Paris? Because they wanted to get some Parisian amour!”
  16. “What did the Frenchman say when asked if he wanted a slice of pizza? ‘No, I prefer ma baguette!'”
  17. “Why do French people always say ‘oui’ instead of ‘yes’? Because they’re too classy for Americanization!”
  18. “Did you hear about the Parisian comedian? He always gets a baguette out of his jokes!”
  19. “What did the croissant say to the Eiffel Tower? ‘You may be taller, but I’ve got more layers!'”
  20. “Why did the Parisian chicken refuse to cross the road? Because she didn’t want to end up in a coq au vin!”
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Laugh Like a Local with These Hilarious Funny Paris One-Liner Jokes

  1. Why did the Parisian chef refuse to make omelettes? Because he already had too many eggs in the Seine.
  2. Did you hear about the French baker who couldn’t make enough baguettes? He was always short of l’eau.
  3. Why did the Eiffel Tower refuse to play cards? Because it didn’t have a full deck.
  4. Did you hear about the French artist who couldn’t paint in the rain? He didn’t want to get Monet wet.
  5. Why did the Frenchman refuse to use the elevator at the Louvre? He preferred to take the stairewell.
  6. Did you hear about the French ghost who couldn’t haunt the Notre-Dame Cathedral? He had a case of Casperillas.
  7. Why did the French eyeglasses maker go out of business? Because he didn’t have a clear vue.
  8. Did you hear about the French zoo that only had one animal? It was a wee, wee zebra.
  9. Why did the Frenchman always carry a measuring tape? To measure his croissants, of course.
  10. Did you hear about the French gardener who only grew herbs? He was a parsley-maniac.
  11. Why did the Frenchman refuse to eat breakfast at the boulangerie? It was too croissant-zy.
  12. Did you hear about the French athlete who kept running in circles? He was going through a marathon au-déjà-vu.
  13. Why did the French farmer have a small vegetable garden? He was just trying to make a petit-potager.
  14. Did you hear about the French burglar who got caught stealing cheese? He was charged with fromage a felony.
  15. Why did the French detective refuse to solve the case of the stolen painting? He didn’t want to get drawn into it.
  16. Did you hear about the French magician who could turn champagne into water? He was a tres clever conjurer.
  17. Why did the French sailor prefer to sail on the Seine instead of the ocean? He didn’t want to get seafresh.
  18. Did you hear about the French beekeeper who didn’t want to sell honey? He was just too honeydew-bien for business.
  19. Why did the Frenchman refuse to share his crepes? He was afraid someone would take a crêpe outta his book.
  20. Did you hear about the French astronaut who couldn’t leave the spaceship? He was afraid he would outer-space-sonde.

Why do they always have such great bread in Paris? It’s the ‘baguette’ful city!

  1. Q: What do you call a French city with a lot of cats? A: Pur-ris.
  2. Q: What did the Eiffel Tower say to the other buildings in Paris? A: “Oui, oui, I’m the tallest of them all!”
  3. Q: How many Parisians does it take to change a lightbulb? A: One, but they’ll complain about it for hours.
  4. Q: How do Parisians greet each other? A: With a bonjour hug!
  5. Q: What do you call a Parisian who only eats croissants for breakfast? A: A gluten-free Parisian.
  6. Q: What did the French fries say to each other in Paris? A: “Oh la la, we’re in the land of our ancestors!”
  7. Q: What did the baguette say to the croissant? A: “I loaf you a latte.”
  8. Q: How does a Parisian keep their pants up? A: With their Eiffel belts.
  9. Q: Why did the Parisian chef quit his job? A: He was sick of working in a crepe-y kitchen.
  10. Q: Why did the tourists cross the road in Paris? A: To get a better view of the Eiffel towered traffic.
  11. Q: What did the croissant’s therapist say? A: “You need to stop flaking out on your appointments.”
  12. Q: What does a Parisian witch use to fly? A: A broom err, I mean a baguette.
  13. Q: What do you call a French chef who only makes tiny meals? A: A petit-four-tist.
  14. Q: Why do French people eat snails? A: Because they don’t like fast food.
  15. Q: What do you call a Parisian who loves to travel? A: A romaine-descent.
  16. Q: Why did the Parisian baker win an award? A: Because he was one tough croissant to beat.
  17. Q: What did the French cheese say when it saw itself in the mirror? A: “Oh brie mine!”
  18. Q: What do you call a French painter who also sells snacks? A: Leonardo da French-fries.
  19. Q: What do you call a Parisian who is always fashionably late? A: A chic time traveler.
  20. Q: How does a Parisian sneeze? A: In achoo-chic style.

Oui, Oui! Dad Jokes about Paris that will make you say ‘sacre bleu!’

  1. Why did the French chef refuse to cook on the Eiffel Tower? Because he was afraid of getting too high.
  2. Did you hear about the bread factory in Paris? It went on strike because the workers wanted more dough.
  3. How do you make a Frenchman laugh? Tell him a pun-aise.
  4. Why did the Frenchman buy a map of Paris with no labels? He wanted to see the city without any key.
  5. What did one croissant say to the other? You’re my butter half.
  6. What do you call a Frenchman wearing sandals? Phillipe Phillope.
  7. Did you hear about the new Parisian restaurant called Karma? There’s no menu, you just get what you deserve.
  8. How did the Frenchman repair his punctured bicycle tire? With parceflange.
  9. What do you call a parade in Paris? Croissant-ation.
  10. Did you hear about the French baker who got injured? He had to make his baguettes in crutches.
  11. Why couldn’t the bicycle go up the hill in Paris? It was two-tired.
  12. What did the Parisian say when he sneezed? Paris you!
  13. Why did the Frenchman wear a cloak in public? Because he wanted to stay Paris.
  14. What type of cheese do they sell on the Eiffel Tower? Muskadar-A-Tower.
  15. Why did the Frenchman refuse to eat the bread on his table? He said it was too loafly.
  16. What did one croissant say to the other at the bakery? You’re turning me on, shall we stick together?
  17. Why did the Frenchman refuse to eat salad at lunch time? Because it’s a rack of day light.
  18. What do French chickens lay? Oeufs de meaux!
  19. Did you hear about the French artist who painted with his beard? He said it was ‘barbe-ly’ legal.
  20. Why did the Frenchman only eat one small meal every day? Because he believed in petite nutrition.

Ooh la laughs: Paris Puns & Jokes for Kids!

  1. How does a Parisian greet a friend? With a croissant and a kiss on each cheek!
  2. Why did the Eiffel Tower need a day off? Because it was feeling a bit ‘parisled’!
  3. What do you call a Frenchman who’s always bouncing around? The ‘Frog Prince’ of Paris!
  4. How do you make a French omelette? With an ‘Égg’ Tower!
  5. What do you get when you cross a Paris street with a vertical beam? A ‘Crosswalk-iron’!
  6. Did you hear about the baker who’s opening a new shop in Paris? It’s going to be called ‘Baguette-a-Louvre’!
  7. How do the French say “bonjour” to each other in the morning? With a croissant ‘au revoir’!
  8. Why was the croissant feeling sad? It had a ‘baguette-off’ with the bread!
  9. What did the Eiffel tower say when it was feeling cold? “I’m freezing my ‘steel’ off!”
  10. Why did the artist move to Paris? Because he wanted to ‘Louvre’ the city!
  11. What did the cowboy say when he saw the Eiffel Tower? “That’s some ‘high-flying’ city!”
  12. What do you call a cat in Paris? A ‘Purrisian’!
  13. Why did the French chef quit his job? Because he was tired of working his ‘casserole’ off!
  14. How does a French farmer count his cows? He ‘moo’-nicks them!
  15. What do you call a frog that lives in Paris? A ‘Croissand-wich’!
  16. What do you call a Frenchman who has a lot of energy? A ‘pari-dynamo’!
  17. Why don’t French people like to surf the internet? Because they ‘sacré’-fice their time!
  18. What did the statue say to the Eiffel Tower? “You’re a ‘Monu-ment’ in this city!”
  19. Why did the French elephant go to Paris? To visit the ‘Elephant-tower’ in the city!
  20. How does a Parisian sneeze? “A’choo-la-la!”

Oh La Laughs: Funny Quotes about Paris Guaranteed to Make You Say ‘Oui Oui’

  1. “Paris is just like any relationship – it has its ups and downs, but in the end, you’ll always come back for more croissants.”
  2. “They say Paris is the City of Love, but let’s be real – it’s really just the City of Delicious Cheese.”
  3. “Why visit the Eiffel Tower when you can just scroll through your friends’ Instagram posts?”
  4. “Paris may be the fashion capital, but have you seen their berets? Not a great look for anyone.”
  5. “There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting hopelessly lost in Paris and pretending it’s all part of the adventure.”
  6. “The best part about Paris? Saying ‘Bonjour’ instead of ‘Hello’ and feeling extra fancy.”
  7. “If you haven’t taken a selfie in front of the Louvre, did you even really go to Paris?”
  8. You know you’re truly Parisian when you can carry a baguette under one arm and a bottle of wine under the other.
  9. “I went to Paris for the culture, but let’s be real – I stayed for the croissants.”
  10. “They say the French are rude, but have you seen how they pronounce ‘croissant’ with such elegance and grace?”
  11. Paris is the only place where you can gain weight from all the walking because you’re stopping at every bakery you see.
  12. “They say all roads lead to Rome, but in Paris, all roads lead to a coffee shop.”
  13. “Why workout in Paris when you can just eat your way to a bigger butt?”
  14. “Parisian men have a certain je ne sais quoi…that definitely doesn’t translate into paying for your dinner.”
  15. “The only thing more romantic than Paris in the rain is realizing you forgot your umbrella and getting drenched together.”
  16. “If you want a real taste of Paris, skip the touristy restaurants and just eat at a random boulangerie every day.”
  17. “There’s nothing more French than sipping an espresso while pretending you understand what the locals are saying.”
  18. “Paris may be the City of Lights, but I spent most of my time there in the dark…cooking.”
  19. “I may not speak French, but I do know how to order a croissant in every bakery within a two-mile radius.”
  20. “Paris is a city that never sleeps…unless you’re trying to find a public restroom after 9pm.”

From Baguettes to Eiffel, Hilarious Proverbs & Wise Words about Paris!

  1. “A bad day in Paris still beats a good day anywhere else.”
  2. “The way to a Parisian’s heart is through their stomach – and a croissant.”
  3. In Paris, even pigeons carry themselves with an air of sophistication.
  4. “When in doubt, ask yourself, ‘What would a Parisian do?'”
  5. “A walk in Paris is like a mini fashion show – everyone is dressed to impress.”
  6. “In Paris, a baguette is cheaper than therapy.”
  7. “The only thing better than a view of the Eiffel Tower is a view of the Eiffel Tower with a glass of wine in hand.”
  8. “A kiss on the Champs-Élysées is worth two anywhere else.”
  9. “In Paris, the pastries are sweeter and the people are sassier.”
  10. “When in Paris, do as the Parisians do – eat, drink, and be très chic.”
  11. “Parisians don’t age, they just become more refined.”
  12. “There’s no such thing as a bad hair day in Paris – the humidity keeps it perfectly tousled.”
  13. “In France, the customer is always right – except when it comes to pronouncing ‘croissant’ correctly.”
  14. “In Paris, even the street performers have a certain je ne sais quoi.”
  15. “When life gives you lemons, make a citron pressé on a sidewalk café in Paris.”
  16. “Paris is like a box of macarons – you can’t have just one.”
  17. “If you can’t find love in Paris, you’re not looking hard enough.”
  18. “French men may come and go, but a perfectly flaky croissant is forever.”
  19. “A true Parisian never leaves home without their red lipstick and a scarf.”
  20. “When life feels overwhelming, just remember that the Eiffel Tower was once considered an eyesore.”

Ooh la la! Unwrap the Playful Side of Paris’ Double Entendres Puns

  1. “Why did the croissant go to Paris? To get a little French kiss!”
  2. “What’s a Parisian’s favorite breakfast food? Qu’est-ce que-croissant!”
  3. “What did the Eiffel Tower say to the other buildings? “Oui, oui, I’m the biggest and best!”
  4. “Why did the mime go to Paris? He heard it was a great place to practice silent flirting!”
  5. “Why was the hipster disappointed with his trip to Paris? He wanted to be seen at all the trendy cafés, but ended up at le disappointment.”
  6. “What do you call a French cat? Purr-is!”
  7. “What’s a French vampire’s favorite city? Pari-suck!”
  8. “How do you say ‘belly button’ in French? Paris-tome!”
  9. “Why did the baker move to Paris? Because he wanted a slice of the French life!”
  10. “What’s a Parisian’s favorite kind of tea? Par-Tea!”
  11. “Why did the tourist get lost in Paris? He took a wrong turn at the Louvre-nema!”
  12. “Why couldn’t the bicycle make it up the hill in Paris? It was too tired!”
  13. “Why did the artist spend all his savings on a trip to Paris? He wanted to experience some Monet magic!”
  14. “What do you call a French chef who’s running late? A ‘sous-chef’!”
  15. “How does a French cow say hello? ‘Moo-sieur’!”
  16. “Why did the Parisian refuse to teleport? He didn’t want to take a chance on teleport de France!”
  17. “Why did the French dancer have to quit ballet? She developed a ‘paris-he-yo’ infection!”
  18. “What do you call a French dinosaur? Dijon-ceratops!”
  19. “Why did the fashion designer open a boutique in Paris? Because he was tired of selling ‘Pari-sheets’!”
  20. “What do you call a French superhero? The ‘Parisien’!”

Taking a ‘Tour’ of Recursive Puns about Paris: Ooh la la!

  1. Why was the Eiffel Tower so sad? Because it had a Paris syndrome-drome.
  2. What did the croissant say to the French flag? You’re tres chic!
  3. How did the mime ask for directions in Paris? He gave silent direction-tions.
  4. Why did the French chef refuse to cook in Paris? Because he had a rue de la cuisine.
  5. Why did the French tourist insist on wearing a beret in Paris? Because it was his way of staying chapeau-rd.
  6. What do you call a group of French philosophers in Paris? A pensee-ment.
  7. What did the French actress say when she won an award in Paris? Merci beaucoup-tiful!
  8. Why did the French baker refuse to sell croissants in Paris? He was too sel-fish.
  9. How do you say “I love you” in French while riding on the Paris metro? Je t’aime-tro.
  10. Why did the French artist refuse to sell his paintings in Paris? He thought they were too abstract-tract.
  11. What did the taxi driver say to the tourist who wanted to go to the Louvre in Paris? Let’s take a tour at the Lou-veur.
  12. Why did the French cafe owner refuse to give tourists a break on their bill in Paris? He was too Franc-raint.
  13. What do you call a French poet’s notebook in Paris? A vers-atile journal.
  14. Why did the fashion designer refuse to showcase her new collection in Paris? She thought it was too Avan-garde.
  15. What did the French teacher say to her students in Paris about conjugating verbs? Let’s conju-ge notre temps ensemble.
  16. Why did the fashionista refuse to buy any clothing in Paris? She thought it was all too Chaud-chic.
  17. What did the French tourist say to the waiter in Paris? Je voudrais un pain-dwich s’il vous plaît.
  18. Why did the French farmer refuse to sell his produce in Paris? He was too orga-nique.
  19. What do you call a French squirrel in Paris? Un ecu-livre.
  20. Why did the French musician refuse to perform in Paris? He was too afraid of stage fre-paris.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? A City Worth Joking About: Paris Knock-knock Jokes!

  1. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Paris. Paris who? Paris introduced me to her Eiffel Tower-sized sense of humor!
  2. Knock, knock. Who’s there? French. French who? French-kissing in front of the Louvre, anyone?
  3. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Baguette. Baguette who? Baguette about time we told some Paris jokes!
  4. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Rat. Rat who? Ratatouille-telling you this joke from a cozy cafe in Paris.
  5. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Brie. Brie who? Brie yourself to a funny Parisian pun.
  6. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Gauloise. Gauloise who? Gauloise-ing my way through these Paris jokes.
  7. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Champs-Elysees. Champs-Elysees who? Champs-Elysees you in Paris!
  8. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Crepes. Crepes who? Crepes are my go-to snack while strolling down the Seine.
  9. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Arc. Arc who? Arc de Triomphe is just the beginning of all the amazing sights in Paris.
  10. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Coq au Vin. Coq au Vin who? Coq au Vin-breathed from laughing so hard at these jokes.
  11. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Chanel. Chanel who? Chanel your inner Parisian with these jokes.
  12. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Eiffel. Eiffel who? Eiffel in love with these Paris knock-knock jokes.
  13. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Cordon Bleu. Cordon Bleu who? Cordon Bleu my mind with these hilarious Paris jokes.
  14. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Beret. Beret who? Beret-ter grab a baguette and get ready to laugh at these Paris jokes.
  15. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Moulin Rouge. Moulin Rouge who? Moulin Rouge-ing through Paris with these knock-knock jokes!
  16. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Macaron. Macaron who? Macaron my way through Paris, one bakery at a time.
  17. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Croissant. Croissant who? Croissant-ing the Seine on a boat while telling these jokes.
  18. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa who? Mona Lisa the funniest Parisian knock-knock jokes ever.
  19. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Sacré-Cœur. Sacré-Cœur who? Sacré-Cœur-checking out these jokes before heading up the hill to the basilica.
  20. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Montmartre. Montmartre who? Montmartre-msging all my friends about these amazing Paris jokes.

Au Revoir, Paris Puns: Sacré Bleu Laughter!

And with that, we have come to the fin “Eiffel” chapter of our journey through Paris puns. Whether you “arc de Triomphe” with laughter or simply let out a light “hahahaute cuisine”, we hope you enjoyed these “musée”-ical wordplay. And if you’re still hungry for more, make sure to check out our other hilarious posts like “Cities of the World: The Best and “Punniest”” or “Plant Puns: Nature’s Best “Root””! “Au revoir” for now, and keep on laughing!

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