Welcome to the funniest day of the week: Wednesday! Let’s take a break from the midweek struggles and indulge in some humor with a list of the best puns about Wednesday. These jokes are perfect for kids (and adults who refuse to grow up) and will surely have you cracking up. So buckle up and get ready for a clever, positive and hilarious ride filled with puns about everyone’s favorite day. Trust me, Wednesday just got a whole lot more awesome! Let’s dive in and discover the humorous side of this midweek hero.

Add Some Hump-Day Humor to Your Week with These Wednesday Puns & Jokes – Editor’s Picks

  1. “Why did the calendar have a staring problem on Wednesday? Because it was hump day!”
  2. “Why did the clock go on a diet on Wednesday? Because it wanted to lose a few ‘cuckoo’ pounds!”
  3. “What did the cheese say on Wednesday? It’s going to be a gouda day!”
  4. “Why do people hate working on Wednesday? Because it’s the ‘middle’ of the week!”
  5. “What’s a Wednesday’s favorite type of music? Hop-POP!”
  6. “Why was Wednesday feeling down? Because it was feeling ‘mid-week’ blues!”
  7. “What do you call a Wednesday that’s also Cinco de Mayo? A ‘Hump-ito’!”
  8. “Why did Wednesday go to the therapist? Because it was feeling ‘WED’ up with work!
  9. “How does Wednesday like to unwind after a long day? With a glass of ‘Wine-sday’!”
  10. “What did Wednesday say after a successful day at work? ‘It’s all downhill from here!'”
  11. “Why was Wednesday so hungry? Because it had the ‘munchies’!”
  12. “What do you call a Wednesday that’s also Friday the 13th? A ‘Wicked’ Wednesday!”
  13. “Why did Wednesday refuse to go to the gym? Because it didn’t want to be ‘WE-Diet-ing’ anymore!”
  14. “What do you get when you mix Wednesday and Thursday? A Thirsday or Wednes-day-off!”
  15. “Why did Wednesday put on its fanciest outfit? Because it was ‘Wear-drobe Wednesday’!”
  16. “What did Wednesday say to Friday? ‘I’m already halfway there!'”
  17. “Why did Wednesday want to cancel its plans? Because it was having a ‘mid-week crisis’!”
  18. “What’s a Wednesday’s favorite type of dance? The ‘Hump and Shrug’!”
  19. “Why was Wednesday feeling paranoid? Because it knew Thursday was coming for its ‘kick’!”
  20. “What do you call a Wednesday that’s also a Monday? A ‘Woe-sday’!”
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Tickle your funny bone with these witty Wednesday one-liners!

  1. Why don’t skeletons fight each other? They don’t have the guts.
  2. I accidentally swallowed some food coloring. The doctor said I’m alright, but I feel like I’ve dyed a little inside.
  3. My cat just asked me, “Are you kitten me right meow?”
  4. What’s the best thing about Switzerland? I don’t know, but their flag is a huge plus.
  5. Why did the chicken go to the seance? To get to the other side.
  6. Can February March? No, but April May!
  7. I told a joke about a pizza, but it was too cheesy.
  8. Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up by itself? It was two-tired.
  9. Why couldn’t the bicycle finish its race? It was a little rusty.
  10. Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing.
  11. I used to hate facial hair but then it grew on me.
  12. I’m on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it.
  13. Why did the coffee file a police report? It got mugged.
  14. What’s Forrest Gump’s Facebook password? 1Forrest1
  15. I’m reading a book on anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down.
  16. Why did the can crusher quit his job? It was soda-pressing.
  17. I used to play piano by ear, but now I use my hands.
  18. Why are ghosts so bad at lying? Because you can see right through them!
  19. I’m a baker and people say I’m dark and mysterious. But really, I just haven’t risen yet.
  20. Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field.

Why Did the Calendar Dread QnA Jokes & Puns about Wednesday? Because It Was the Middle of the Weak!

  1. Q: Why was Wednesday feeling so down? A: Because it was the middle child of the week and no one pays attention to it.
  2. Q: What do you call a turtle that skips school on Wednesdays? A: A shellf-proclaimed “rebel”.
  3. Q: Why did Wednesday go to the doctor? A: Because it had a case of the Wednesdays.
  4. Q: What did Wednesday say when it saw Friday? A: “Hey Friday, long time no “C” (see)!”
  5. Q: How did Wednesday turn into Tuesday? A: It got stuck in a time warp.
  6. Q: Why did the calendar skip Wednesday? A: Because it never learns to “W”ednesdays.
  7. Q: What day of the week is the best for doggies? A: Paw-sibly Wednesday, because it’s “Woo”f Day!
  8. Q: What did Wednesday say when it fell into a hole? A: “Oh well, at least I’m Hump-Daying!”
  9. Q: How did Wednesday survive its struggle with Tuesday? A: It turned on its “W”arrior mode.
  10. Q: What did one Wednesday say to another? A: “Can’t wait until they make a Netflix binge day named after us!”
  11. Q: Why did the weekend party committee ignore Wednesday? A: Because it always crashes the party mid-week.
  12. Q: What did Wednesday say to make Thursday jealous? A: “I’m just as “Thirs”ty for the weekend as you are!”
  13. Q: Why does everyone love Wednesday’s fashion sense? A: Because it knows how to “H”ump-Dress for success!
  14. Q: What did the calendar say to Wednesday? A: “Don’t worry, you’re almost “W”heyley through!”
  15. Q: How did Wednesday join the circus? A: It aced the “H”ula-hoop audition.
  16. Q: What did Wednesday say when it met its crush, Tuesday? A: “I couldn’t help but “W”onder about you!”
  17. Q: What did Wednesday do when it won the lottery? A: Took a “H”olt of its finances.
  18. Q: How does Wednesday keep a positive outlook? A: It always has a “W”hole lotta hope.
  19. Q: Why is Wednesday perfect for taking naps? A: Because it’s in the middle of a “W”hirlwind week!
  20. Q: What did Wednesday’s friend say when it complained about being stuck in the middle? A: “At least you have an identity, I’m just known as “M”onday’s sibling!”

Get a Midweek Chuckle with these Hilarious Dad Jokes about Wednesday!

  1. “Why did the calendar get a promotion? Because it was always on Wednesday duty!”
  2. “What do you call a group of potatoes on Wednesday? A hash-tag!”
  3. “I’m thinking of starting a band with all my dad friends. We’ll call ourselves ‘The Wednesday Warriors’!”
  4. “Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up straight on Wednesday? Because it was two-tired!”
  5. “Why is Wednesday the best day to talk about money? Because it’s Hump-Day!”
  6. “I always thought Wednesday was spelled wrong, until I realized it’s just mid-week!”
  7. “Why did the scarecrow win an award on Wednesday? Because he was outstanding in his field!”
  8. “Why did the math book look so sad on Wednesday? Because it had too many problems!”
  9. “I tried to write a joke about Wednesday, but I ended up with a Thursday-ble pun!”
  10. “Why is Wednesday the funniest day of the week? Because it can make you LOL! (Laugh Out Loud!)”
  11. “Why did the football coach schedule practices on Wednesday afternoons? Because they were hump drills!”
  12. “What kind of key can open a Wednesday? A Mon-key!”
  13. “Did you hear about the chef who only cooks on Wednesdays? He’s a special Fry-day chef!”
  14. “Why don’t trees like Wednesdays? Because they get stumped!”
  15. “Why did the tomato turn red on Wednesday? Because it saw the salad dressing!”
  16. “What do you call two Wednesdays playing hide-and-seek? A mid-week game of hide-and-seek!”
  17. “Why did the golfer schedule his tee time on Wednesday? Because it was the perfect hole-in-one day!”
  18. Why is Wednesday the worst day for a diet? Because it’s Woe-nes-day!”
  19. “Why did the chicken cross the road on Wednesday? To get to the middle of the week!”
  20. “Why did everyone want to be friends with Wednesday? Because it’s just so Hump-able!”

Get Through the ‘Hump Day’ with these Wednesday Puns & Jokes for Kids!

  1. Why was Wednesday so good at math? Because it was hump day!
  2. Did you hear about the calendar that was missing Wednesday? It was a week weak!
  3. What do you call a Wednesday that’s pretending to be a Friday? A hump-day imposter!
  4. Why can’t you trust Wednesday? Because it’s usually two-faced!
  5. What did Wednesday say to Thursday? “I think we should take a day off, it’s time to rest!”
  6. Why did Wednesday go to the doctor? Because it was feeling mid-week-er!
  7. What is a Wednesday’s favorite type of music? Pop rock!
  8. How does Wednesday stay cool during the summer? It takes the mid-week break!
  9. What do you get when you cross Wednesday with a frog? A hump-day croaker!
  10. Why was Wednesday always so grouchy? Because it was constantly stuck in the middle!
  11. Why did Wednesday go to school? To get its hump day degree!
  12. What did Wednesday say to the other days of the week? “Don’t worry guys, it’s all downhill from here!”
  13. Why did Wednesday refuse to go to the gym? Because it already had a hump!
  14. What is Wednesday’s favorite game? Hump-day hide and seek!
  15. Why was Wednesday always the best day for meetings? Because everyone was already halfway through the week and in a good mood!
  16. What did Wednesday’s therapist say? “You just need to get over the hump!”
  17. Why did Wednesday always have the best jokes? Because it had the most wit!
  18. What do you get when you cross Wednesday with a cat? A hump-day purr-fect day!
  19. How does Wednesday always stay positive? By looking at the brighter half of the week!
  20. Why did Wednesday always get asked on dates? Because it was the perfect day to take a mid-week break!

Too Early for Hump Day Humor? These Funny Quotes About Wednesday Say Otherwise!

  1. “Wednesday: the hump day that feels like a kick in the butt.”
  2. “On Wednesdays, we wear pink – because we need all the help we can get.”
  3. “If Monday was a person, Wednesday would be their evil twin.”
  4. “Wednesday – because who needs a break in the middle of the week?”
  5. “Wednesday: it’s like a root canal for your entire week.”
  6. On Wednesdays, we drink wine and pretend it’s Friday.
  7. “If Wednesday were a flavor, it would be a stale cupcake.”
  8. “Hump day? More like slump day.”
  9. “I don’t trust people who say they love Wednesdays.”
  10. “The only thing worse than a Wednesday is a Monday disguised as a Wednesday.”
  11. “I see your struggle, Wednesday, and I raise you a nap.”
  12. “Wednesday: when coffee becomes a necessity, not just a luxury.”
  13. “If Wednesday were a person, it would be that overly cheerful coworker you want to punch.”
  14. “Wednesdays are like that pair of jeans that always feels too tight.”
  15. “If Wednesday were a song, it would be an out-of-tune rendition of ‘Don’t Stop Believin’.”
  16. “Wednesday: the black hole of productivity.”
  17. “Don’t worry, Wednesday, nobody has high expectations for you.”
  18. “Life is too short for boring Wednesdays.”
  19. “If Wednesday had a face, it would be the face you make when someone asks ‘How’s your day so far?'”
  20. “Hating on Wednesdays is a universal language.”

Midweek Mayhem: Hilarious Proverbs & Clever Quotes to Get You Through Wednesday

  1. “On Wednesdays we wear pink, because it’s hump day and we need a pop of color.”
  2. “A Wednesday without coffee is like a joke without a punchline.”
  3. “Wednesday: the middle finger of the week.”
  4. “Happiness is knowing you’re halfway through the work week.”
  5. “If Wednesday was a person, it would be that annoying coworker who thinks they’re funny.”
  6. “Wednesday’s rule: dress like it’s Friday and work like it’s Monday.”
  7. Wednesday is like a sandwich, the bread of the week holding together the meaty days.
  8. “Life is too short to not enjoy a Wiener Wednesday.”
  9. “You can’t spell ‘hump day’ without ‘humor’.”
  10. “The only thing getting me through this Wednesday is knowing it’s Wine Wednesday.”
  11. “Why wait for the weekend when you can celebrate Wing Wednesday?”
  12. “Wednesday is like a pickle, odd but still crunchy.”
  13. “Someday is not a day of the week, but Wednesday is close enough.”
  14. “A Midweek Crisis: when you realize it’s only Wednesday.”
  15. “I do my best thinking on Wednesdays, after two cups of coffee and a deep breath.”
  16. “Wednesday: the awkward middle child of the days.”
  17. “Happy Hump Day, may it be populated with puppies and pizza.”
  18. “Wednesdays are proof that even the strongest among us need a little extra motivation.”
  19. “Life is better with a little sprinkle of weird, and Wednesdays provide just that.”
  20. “Wednesdays: because every day should be treated like Friday eve.”

Wholesome Hump Day Humor: The Best Wednesday Double Entendres Puns

  1. Why did the grapefruit go to therapy on Wednesday? Because it was feeling a little squeezed.
  2. I thought about going on a diet every Wednesday, but then I remember that’s what hump day is for.
  3. Why don’t skeletons plan their weddings on Wednesdays? Because they prefer “I do” on a Friday.
  4. How does a cucumber get to work on a Wednesday? It pickle-mutes.
  5. Did you hear about the marathon for lazy people this Wednesday? It’s only 26.2 feet.
  6. What kind of shoes do frogs wear on Wednesdays? Open-toad.
  7. Why don’t ants get sick on Wednesdays? Because they have anty-bodies.
  8. Did you know that Wednesday is National Pancake Day? It’s crepe-tastic!
  9. Why did the pineapple go to the therapist on Wednesday? Because it was feeling a little tropical.’
  10. What did one piece of toast say to the other on Wednesday morning? “It’s crunch time.”
  11. Did you hear about the chef who died on Wednesday? He pasta way.
  12. Why do birds fly south every Wednesday? For the wing-dings.
  13. How do you make a tissue dance on Wednesday? Put a little boogie in it.
  14. What did the grape say when it got stepped on on a Wednesday? Nothing, it just let out a little wine.
  15. Why don’t clocks like Wednesdays? Because they hate to tick-tock.
  16. How does a penguin build a house on Wednesdays? Igloos it together.
  17. What do you call a group of fish that performs on Wednesdays? A grouper of comedians.
  18. Did you hear about the avocado who got a promotion on a Wednesday? It was a big dill.
  19. Why did the scarecrow win an award on a Wednesday? Because he was outstanding in his field.
  20. What do you call a cow on roller skates on Wednesdays? Moooooving along.

Have a ‘Hump Day’ full of laughter with these recursive puns about ‘Wednesday'”.

  1. Why did the calendar go to therapy? Because it was feeling like a “weak” day.
  2. How does Wednesday greet Thursday? “Hey, fancy meeting you halfway through the week!”
  3. Why did the inventor choose to launch his new gadget on a Wednesday? Because it was “hump day” after all.
  4. What do you call a Wednesday that’s also a drizzling day? Wet-nesday.
  5. Why was the horse planning a big party on Wednesday? Because it was his neigh-borhood day.
  6. What’s the best day for a vengeful turkey to plan its attack? Gobble-gobble-vengeful Wednesday.
  7. What’s the difference between a Monday and a Wednesday? About 48 hours (or more) of happiness.
  8. Why was the magician so excited for Wednesday? It was the day he could finally pull out his “saw-dust trick.”
  9. How do you make a Wednesday feel like a Monday? Forget to set your alarm, every day of the week.
  10. Why do we call it “Hump Day” when it’s really just another regular working day? Because the joke is on us, that’s why.
  11. What’s a Wednesday’s favorite type of pet? A whale, of course.
  12. How do you make a Wednesday brighter? With some “son-shine” (get it? Sun shining?).
  13. What do you call a Wednesday on the beach? Sandy, sunny and sinless.
  14. How does a library celebrate on Wednesdays? With a “book-ke-babs” party.
  15. What do you get when you mix a Wednesday with a Saturday night? Midnight in-the-middle.
  16. Why do cats love Wednesdays? Because it’s the only day of the week they can show off their “cattitude” without being judged.
  17. What’s a Wednesday’s favorite type of music? Hump-pop.
  18. How many Wednesdays does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Doesn’t matter, it’s still a not-so-bright day.
  19. What’s a Wednesday’s go-to pick up line? “Is it just me, or does it feel like there’s chemistry brewing between us?”
  20. How does Wednesday go from “Meh-day” to “Yay-day”? By adding some “spice” to its life.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Hump Day, bringing the laughs with these Wednesday-inspired knock-knock jokes!

  1. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Wednesday. Wednesday who? Wednesday came and now it’s almost the weekend!
  2. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Olive. Olive who? Olive for Wednesdays because they’re halfway to Friday!
  3. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Honeybee. Honeybee who? Honeybee loving that it’s Wednesday already.
  4. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Pasta. Pasta who? Pasta my bedtime, it’s only Wednesday?!
  5. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Boo. Boo who? Don’t cry, it’s only Wednesday!
  6. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Felix. Felix who? Felix the cat, let’s celebrate Wednesday with some catnip!
  7. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Mikey. Mikey who? Mikey likes Wednesdays cause they’re full of surprises!
  8. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Willow. Willow who? Willow you come out and play with me on this lovely Wednesday?
  9. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Lettuce. Lettuce who? Lettuce have some fun, it’s Wednesday after all!
  10. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Nana. Nana who? Nana your business, but it’s only Wednesday and I’m already exhausted.
  11. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Harry. Harry who? Harry up, it’s Wednesday and we have so much to do!
  12. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Yoda. Yoda who? Yoda man, it’s Wednesday and we’re almost halfway to the weekend.
  13. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Fanny. Fanny who? Fanny seeing you on this beautiful Wednesday!
  14. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Wanda. Wanda who? Wandaful that it’s Wednesday and the sun is shining.
  15. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Alvin. Alvin who? Alvin like Wednesday, cause it’s just another opportunity to have a great day.
  16. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Seth. Seth who? Seth me free, it’s only Wednesday and I’m already ready for the weekend!
  17. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Gouda. Gouda who? Gouda laughing with you on this silly Wednesday!
  18. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Peter. Peter who? Peter mind if I remind you that it’s Wednesday?
  19. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Bailey. Bailey who? Bailey sleeping on a Wednesday? No way!
  20. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Ken. Ken who? Ken you believe it’s already Wednesday? Time flies when you’re having fun!

Punny Wednesdays: Making Hump Day Fun-ny!

Well, folks, if these puns about Wednesday didn’t make you laugh, then maybe it’s time for a wed-nes-die-day. But before you do that, why not check out our other related puns and joke posts? Trust us, they will make your hump day a whole lot funnier. Thanks for punning with us, and remember, when in doubt, just make a pun-dit. Happy Wednesday!

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